Tuesday, 19 April 2016

On This Day 19th April

Hello everyone,

It seems like history was slowing down at the end of April! No matter, keep looking at this edition of 'On This Day'


Richard Mills


On This Day in history, the Boston marathon was run every year

1770- Captain James Cook first sets sight on Australia
1909- Joan of Arc receives beatification from the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church (Image Left)

1932- Herbert Hoover, the 31st President of America, suggests that people work a five day week.

1934- Shirley Temple stars in her first movie, ‘Stand Up and Cheer’

1941- Milk is rationed in Holland

1947- A French ship explodes, in Texas City Harbour, which kills 522 people

1965- 1st All News Radio station begins in New York City

1982- The 1st woman astronaut, Sally Ride, is announced

2005- Pope Benedict XVI is elected pope on the second day of the Papal Conclave


1320- King of Portugal from 1357 to 1367, King Peter I (Image Right)

1721- Founding father of the United States of America, Roger Sherman

1883- Getulio Vargas, Brazilian president from 1930 to 1945 and then 1951 to 1954.


843- Judith, French Empress,
1054- Pope Leo IX, pope from 1049 to 1054 dies at the age of 51

1390- Robert II, King of Scots (Image Right)

1882- Charles Darwin, dies of heart failure at the age of 73