Friday, 15 April 2016

On This Day 15th April

Hello everyone, from explorers to Popes, presidents to painters, today certainly was a busy day in 


Richard Mills


1205- Bulgaria defeats Emperor Boudouin of Constantinople in the Battle at Adrianople

1250- Pope Innocent III knocks back the Jews request to build a synagogue

1450- The French forces defeat the British forces at the battle of Formigny, which was part of the Hundred Years War

1493- Christopher Columbus meets with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain

1534- Thomas Cromwell is appointed Chief Secretary to King Henry VIII (Thomas Cromwell imaged right)

1621- Henry the Great arrives in France

1689- French King, Louis XIV, declared war on Spain

1697- Charles XII becomes King if Sweden, succeeding Charles XI

1729- ‘St Matthew Passion’, composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, is premiered in Leipzig

1738- The bottle opener is invented

1738- George Frederick Handel’s ‘Serse’, an Italian opera, is premiered in London

1776- Duchess of Kingston was found guilty of bigamy. Bigamy was the offence of marrying someone while already married

1793- The first £5 note is issued by the Bank of England

1865- Abraham Lincoln dies 9 hours after being shot while watching the play ‘Our American Cousin’ at Ford’s Theatre

1870- The last day US silver coins were allowed to circulate in Canada

1912- RMS Titanic sinks at 2:27 AM just off Newfoundland

1942- George VI awards the George cross to the people of Malta

1945- Franklin D Roosevelt is buried in the grounds of Hyde Park Home. He was the 32nd President of America

1955- The first McDonalds is opened in America by Ray Kroc

1969- US airplane is shot at by North Korea when it is above the Japanese Sea


1452- Leonardo da Vinci, famous Italian renaissance artist, inventor and scientist (Image Left)

1646- King Christian V of Denmark

1912- Kim II Sung, North Korean leader from 1945 to 1994

1930- Vigdis Finnbogadottir, President of Iceland from 1980 to 1996

1990- Emma Watson, English actress, star in Harry Potter series


1053- Earl of Wessex, Godwin

1502- Jan IV Chalon, Prince of Orange

1764- Madame de Pompadour mistress of Louis XV, King of France, aged 42

1865- Abraham Lincoln dies at the age of 52 from a gunshot wound

1969- Victoria van Battenberg, the wife of Alfonso, the Spanish King,  dies at the age of 81

1998- Pol Pot, Cambodian dictator (Image Right)