Friday, 1 April 2016

On This Day 1st April

Today wasn't that interesting of a day, there were not many interesting births, and hardly any deaths, so if you have anything interesting that we missed out, please comment!

Richard Mills

1748- Ruins of Pompeii found

1778- The ‘$’ symbol is created by New Orleans businessman Oliver Pollock

1867- Singapore, Malacca and Penang become British crown colonies

1873- The ship Atlantic, a British White Star ship, sinks (top right image)

off Nova Scotia, which kills 547

1889- 1st Dishwasher is marketed in Chicago

1891- France to London telephone connection opens

1918- The Royal Air Force is created from the Royal Naval Services and the Royal Flying Corps

1920- The Anglican church in Wales was disestablished

1924- Hitler was sentenced to 5 years labour (but was later acquitted from it by Ludendorff)

1924- The Royal Canadian Air Force is formed

1933- Nazi Germany starts its persecution of Jews (by boycotting Jewish business’s)

1946- Weight Watchers is started

1954- US Air Force Academy forms

1970- Richard Nixon signs a bill restricting cigarette ads from 1st Jan 1971

1973- Japan allows it’s citizens to own gold
1976- Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak created Apple Computers

1981- Daylight savings introduced in USSR

1991- US minimum wage raised to $4.25 an hour

2001- The British FBI is formed

2004- Google creates Gmail (bottom right image)


1085- Emperor Shenzong of China

1922- Emperor Charles I (Austria)/ King of Hungary