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The Bible- What is the Bible (Biblical Studies at school)

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It has been a long time since I last posted something, so I decided to post this document on 'What is the Bible?' That we have been working on in class. With the beginning of a new week in two days, I will undoubtedly have something to post before long.

It is a bit messy, as we are still in the note taking stage, but I hope you get something out of this.

What is the Bible?

Definition and description.
Source Critisim Analysis

Who wrote it
Is it reliable
Can we trust it
Who was it written for) Audience
Provenance- Authencity.

The Bible was written by many people who contributed to the different chapters. The actual meaning of the word bible is ‘little books’. This makes sense as there are 66 books that make up our commonly referred to’ Holy Bible. The book was written over a span of about 1,600 years, starting near the time of Moses in the Old Testament to John of whom wrote the last book of the New Testament.

In 40 A.D. Matthew wrote the first book in the New Testament, creating a gap of about 500 years since the start of the Old Testament.
Moses, who wrote the first book, Genesis, completed the book in 1513 B.C, and 3 John, written by John, was written in about A.D. 98.

Many regard the book as the Word of God, and believe that the book, sold around 5 billion times around the world is describing who He is and how he created the world and repairing all that has been broken, in regards to God and humans relationship broken by sinning.

DEFINITION: God’s Word-How he created the world and his purpose for it.
The Bible is a series of books exploring the ancient scriptures of Christ.
Written by different people in various locations over a period of thousands of years that all account for God’s action and his purpose for all of creation.

Book about Faith.

Most popular book- c. 5 Billion Copies.
Fish is the sign of God in the ancient times of Rome when Christians were being prosecuted by Emperor Nero etc.

GOD’S WORD- the words in the Bible, written by the authors of the Bible.
HIS PURPOSE- to establish faith in Him, and restore the relationship between man and God.
ANCIENT SCRIPTURES- ancient holy texts sacred to Christianity contained in the Bible
CHRIST- Another name for Jesus Christ, the Son of God who was sent to earth to restore the relationship between man and God, and sacrificed his life for all the world, so that they could have a relationship with God.
CREATION- The creation of the world, completed by God in seven days.

·      Jesus
·      Christ
·      God
·      Son
·      Saviour        

This has been translated from Traditional Greek and the first                                              letters in the greek words mean Fish, the signal that the Roman Christians would use due to their prosecution in Rome


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