Saturday, 20 February 2016

Internet Censorship

Hi everyone,

So, I was selected for the school debating team, and as part of it, we have to make speeches every week. It's actually pretty fun. Anyway. My topic was Internet Censorship, so this was my speech.

The Internet is not a public sphere. It is a private sphere that tolerates public speech- clay shirky said, something probably true, but you’ll hopefully be able to make a proper decision

Internet Censorship. So, what is Internet censorship? Internet censorship is the censoring of items on the Internet. The Internet is a global computer network that provides information to people, on standardised communication protocols.

Now, if Australia censored the Internet for things like piracy or pornographic material, then we would have no access to this material, a good thing, I am sure you would all agree. So, now we have established the basics, what has happened to countries that have censored their internet.
Some countries that are heavily ruled by the army, or are communist like Vietnam, had severe punishments for comments made on the internet that disagree with the country’s leaders views. In Vietnam, people who make derogatory comments can be gaoled for 15 years. Also, in 2013, a certain decree 72 made it illegal to comment on national events online, however, Australia is not going to end up like this. Now, the pro’s and con’s.

1.     We have seen all too many instances of child sex abuse and piracy, and if we want this to stop, then we need to stop children from having access to it. If anything on the internet is to be focused on, surely it has to be the censorship of inappropriate material. Also, if children are able to pirate books, films and other media material that is usually paid for, then we are teaching them something wrong, By this happening, we are letting them think that piracy is okay. Think how you would feel if you were someone working hard on a movie, and then your movie was stolen from under you, and you were given no beneficial monies, this is piracy, an act not dissimilar to theft, and an illegal act if copyright laws protect the work.
2.       It is impossible for manpower to combat online illegal activities, so censoring these websites, or just getting rid of them, will mean that there is less illegal activity online, something that society should strive for.

1.     It is impossible to censor other material without censoring useful information. How can people censor one website so accurately, that another is no affected? They can’t, that is the problem. So, in order to keep the useful information, we cannot censor any material.
2.     Censorship is not at the top of the government’s problems. How is the government to enforce this when they have other issues to deal with? They can’t, and unless all the government’s issue’s fly away, then it cannot happen.

My opinion is that internet censorship is fine, as long as the government is not spying on the citizen’s of Australia. An infringement of our privacy is contrary to society’s beliefs, and is morally wrong, but if the government is not spying on us, then there is

nothing wrong with it, as it is blocking obscene material not fit for society.

Thank you.

Richard Mills