Wednesday, 10 February 2016

For the love of Human Science a story by Richard Mills

Hi Everyone, I am posting the first part of a story we have to write for school. Usually at school, I write the longest things, often too long, and this will no doubt be a replica of that, so I decided to post it to you in parts.

For the “Love of Human Science”

Chapter 1- We meet Jack Pupper

For Jack, the time had come; he would have to leave his family for the future of human science. Whether it was called magic or science didn’t concern him, he had just got the job after reading the advertisement in the paper.  He knew nothing of science, it was all new to him, but after a few lessons in the NASA lab’s, he was ready for the task, as unprepared as he was, the show had to go on.


The Air was musty for the unsuspecting rabbit, but not due to the temperature, for Brian the rabbit, there were a bunch scientists watching in white lab coats, like the evil scientists he had seen in movies as a child.
“I think I’ve got it!” one of the scientists at NASA exclaimed, leaping out of his chair and disrupting Brian, the unsuspecting rabbit.
“What? What?” asked senior scientist Lin, a beardy fellow with a mono-brow and red eyes.
“Well, sir, I’ve found the solution-“ Brady explained, not getting very far.
“Yes, yes, I’ve heard that, get onto it, man,” Lin yelled, making Brian scuttle away with the other animals in the observation room of Lab 12.
“Yes, sir, sorry sir. If we use the special needle, you know. The
shrinking one, the one they’ve just discovered in the medicine labs?” Brady elaborated, searching for an ounce of recognition in his senior’s face, “Well, if we inject that into our subject, then we should have the desired effect within 24 hours, meaning that Jack can be injected into the rabbit in a matter of hours. If I do say so myself, sir, it’s genius!” Brady exclaimed, getting more excited as he saw excitement growing slowly on the seniors face like the Chinese invasion of Tibet.

“Yes, well, enough recognition, lets get to it,” The senior barked, sitting back down on his goose feathered chair with seat warmers and electronically moving wheels so he didn’t need to move, generously provided by the electronics department.

Thanks for reading this first part, I hope you enjoyed it. Comment what I could improve on or what you liked and read the next part when I post it in a few days!

Richard Mills