Sunday, 21 February 2016

For the Love of Human Science Part V- LAST PART

Hi everyone, I worked for a few hours this morning on this, and I've finally finished.
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Please feel free to comment on what you like and what you don't. It will really help having your opinion.

In the morning, Coby was treated to another visit from President Popous, and raised the question of Stirling’s instructions.
“I heard this conversation between Stirling and Pupper. I need you to tell me if his instructions are right,” Coby explained, handing Popous a mug of coffee at the dining table.
“Well, ask away,” Popous conversed, sipping at the lukewarm coffee. At least it was better than the London branch’s one.
“He told Pupper to try and get into my throat. Said he would get me lying down,” Coby replied, sipping on his own coffee. The response given by Popous was not one that was expected by Coby. The speed that Popous leaped out of his chair was amazing, and the way he grabbed Coby and hurtled him to the wall brought back memories of that day when Coby had been injected with the needle that helped Pupper.
“What did you say?” Popous roared, clinging onto Coby’s struggling body.
“He… throat…lying down…” Coby struggled.
“Are you sure?” Popous asked, releasing Coby and letting him fall to the ground.
“Yes,” Coby hissed, holding his throat.
“Come with me!” Popous instructed, grabbing his coat and exiting the apartment.


Jack was woken by violent shaking. The gentle hum of the space craft had made him go to sleep, but the atmosphere when he woke up was not happy. He could tell that something was wrong. The blood was pumping through the body at a speed that the subject had been told not to. He was obviously exerting a lot of energy. Jack could only make out some words, but it seemed that Stirling was trying to implement his plans, and Jack had fallen for his trick. Somehow, Jack had to find a way out of the trachea, the windpipe that Jack was currently travelling through.

As Stirling handled his boiling hot tea with care, President Popous came busting in through the secret entrance of the London branch. Stirling was surprised at how Popous wanted to come back to the London branch, but he would put his house on the fact that it wasn’t for the food.

Popous grabbed Stirling like he had grabbed Coby, and spilt the tea all over Stirling. Stirling’s face went beetroot red, and he launched out of his chair, running towards the bathroom, but Popous wasn’t letting him get away that quickly.
“Not so fast you don’t!” Popous roared, grabbing the tails of Stirling’s now soaked suit.
“I’m burning! I’m burning!” Stirling roared equally loud, and he sprang out of Popous’ grip, and into the bathroom. Popous took action immediately, grabbing the nearest radio controller, and dialled a number as quick as lightning.
“Reinforcements! Reinforcements!” Popous screamed into the radio, furious at how Stirling had infiltrated the London branch.
“Yes sir!” the armed guards called upon entrance of the building.
“Guard that door, I want no one in there, and no one out without my knowledge. Stirling is now an enemy, if you see him, capture him, or kill him if you have to. We do not have space for traitors at NASA!” Popous yelled, mainly at Stirling, but some of it was directed to the guards, “Now, Coby, do you feel any burning in the throat?”
“Yes, but it’s died off now,” Coby replied, following Popous into what seemed like a lab, “Why?”
“Because if Pupper has reached your trachea, then you should feel a consistent burning. We use fire to propel our ships upwards, and that is not something we want in your throat,” Popous explained, picking up yet another radio handpiece.
“Pupper, can you hear me?” Popous asked, losing patience.
“Yes, go ahead, sir,” Pupper replied, slowing his ship.
“We need to know your exact location,” Popous explained, grabbing a glass of ice cool water.
“I was in the trachea most of the night, but now I’ve exited it and am joining the bronchi. I reckon I’ll be able to get back into the blood stream. Then, Coby will have to cut himself, in a position closest to my position, and I’ll exit through the blood stream, hopefully before the fibrinogen clots the blood,” Jack explained, making it seem simple.
“Right, well, do that then,” Popous sighed, glad Jack knew what he was talking about. He had gone from a person that knew nothing about the body to an expert, an amazing feat.

As Coby left the London branch, he though of Stirling. For the first time, he actually felt sorry for him. Coby wouldn’t like to be under the wrath of President Popous, but then again, Stirling had tried to kill Coby, and he could be classified a murder at heart.


The journey would be a hard one. Jack had intended to give Coby hope, and not fill him with the despair that would be most likely in this situation. Once Jack entered the blood stream again, there was a chance that the White Blood Cells would fight against Jack, thinking of him as a virus. Jack was lucky last time, but luck always changed. Also, what happened if the plasma and the fibrinogen joined forces, and got the bleed faster than Jack did? Would there be another chance, or would Jack have to break through the clot? This was the life of an explorer in an uncharted land.

The sound of the pounding heart grew from a dull thump to a loud beating noise, deafening Jack. It sounded like thunder, clashing together like cymbals, like warrior’s swards clashing against each other, but Jack had to fight against it. He had to save Coby’s life.
As the blood quickened pace, the capillary widened, meaning that Jack could move over, and allow the blood cells speed away from him, but just when Jack seemed to forget all about his worries, he was struck, by a force that seemed stronger than anything Jack had experienced before. It seemed that a white blood cell was trying to ingest Jack’s ship and although Jack was sure it would not harm him, being protected in his ship, he knew there would be some side affects. It would certainly cut off some of the ships power, or all the power that was on, so Jack turned everything off, putting Jack in pitch darkness. Jack tried to connect to the London branch, but it was too late, even that system, perceived impenetrable, like the Titanic, had fallen.

A few hours passed before Jack seemed to be getting his power back. The White blood cell was having a hard time in ingesting Jack and his ship, but Jack knew there would be a long wait before him.


“Why can’t you get a hold of him?” President Popous and Coby requested in unison.
“He seem to be offline, sir,” the guard replied.
“Well, what progress has been made on Stirling? Has he been to the door at all?” Popous asked.
“No, sir, but it has been 24 hours. Would you like us to enter the room?” the guard asked; glad to be having some action after a very long wait.
“Yes, yes, do what ever is necessary,” Popous sighed, waving the man away. All Popous needed was rest. He simply couldn’t go on.

“How are we going to connect to Jack?” Coby asked, sitting down on the London branch’s lounge.
“Well, you say that you could hear him yelling before, during the middle of the night?” Popous asked, racking his brain for a solution.
“Yes, that’s right,” Coby replied, not seeing a connection.
“That’s it. All we have to do is yell. Jack? Can you hear me?” Popous screamed, impressed with his thinking.
“Yes!” a voice echoed from inside Coby.
“There it is!” Coby yelled, jumping for joy.
“Remember to keep still,” Popous instructed, motioning for Coby to sit back down, “Now Jack, you need to tell us where you are and why you haven’t been on the radio!” Popous yelled.
“Sorry, sir,” Jack yelled back, “I’ve been attacked by a white blood cell. It thinks I’m a virus. It’s blacked out all my computers and power. I don’t have anything. I’m just sitting here!”
“Right, where are you?” Popous replied.
“I can’t be sure, because my computers are off, but I think I am in the artery. I believe I’m near the knee. It might be time for the wound!” Jack yelled, hoping he was right.
“Okay, we are going to make the gash, be ready!” Popous yelled, not bothering about Coby’s consent, although he would have given it anyway.
“Wait, let me start up the engines. I think the white blood cell has passed,” Jack hoped that he was right, “Yes! Yes! Thank the Lord!” Jack pumped the air.

Popous pushed Coby to the ground. Coby had no reaction time, and fell onto the hard gravel floor of the pavement outside. They had just left the building and Popous had decided that expecting it would just make Coby prepare for it. The only way to open a proper wound was by doing it out of the blue.

As soon as the gash opened, Jack saw the light of day. Sure, it was a little further than he had hoped it would be, but it was close enough. He only hoped that the white blood cells had focused all their energy on killing Jack, and not on clotting the blood. This was Jack’s only chance. If Jack didn’t get out of Coby’s system in two hours, Coby was toast.

The engines started whirling, but they were not needed. The flow of blood had sped Jack up, quickly shortening the distance between the opening and him, but it would be a good ten minutes before he arrived at the opening.

“I need you to keep on picking at the wound, okay?” Jack asked, yelling so Coby could hear him.
“Okay, how far away are you?” Coby asked as he picked at the wound.
Jack hadn’t bothered to turn the lights on in his cabin as the light had been streaming in from the gash, but now, with Coby’s finger blocking the light, Jack couldn’t see where he was going, or where the ship was going. It started to whirl around, picking up pace as it did. Jack blindly pressed buttons, seeking for the huge red one that stopped all the engines, but missed, and pushed the throttle away from him, increasing the speed of the ship. Jack started getting dizzy, and closed his eyes, the intensity that Jack use, feeling for the button increased, but he instead turned on the lights, a relief. He saw the button immediately, but didn’t need it anymore. He pulled at the throttle, but instead of it coming towards him, it broke off, leaving Jack with only one option. He had to get out of the ship.

It whizzed closer and closer toward the hole in the skin, but Jack knew that it would never leave the body through it. The blood was already clotting, despite Coby’s greatest efforts. Jack pressed the green button, the eject button, and was pushed into the blood stream. He could see the cabin filling with blood before it disappeared from sight, flowing down Coby’s leg. Jack realised something as he was floating in the liquid. What if he was stuck in one of the red blood cell’s carbon dioxide patches? What if he died here, and killed Coby too? This plan was way too risky for Jack’s liking, but he couldn’t go back now.

Jack’s despair was confirmed, he was in a carbon dioxide patch. He had ten more seconds left before he died for a cause that a few days ago was alien to him.

Nine more seconds.
He was gradually getting closer to the light source. If he had just stayed in the ship half a minute longer, he would have been out by now.

Eight more seconds.
Jack started swimming towards the hole. He knew it would reduce his time of life, but he had to try.

Seven more seconds.
He slipped off his shoes. They were just hindering him. He wouldn’t need them when he died anyway.

Six more seconds.
Jack thought about his life. Twenty short years ago, he had been born, but it had all been a waste if it was to end like this.

Five more seconds.
Things seemed to slow down for Jack. Would he make it? Would he survive? What would happen to him if he died?

Four more seconds.
He could see the outside. The paved street, Popous’ shiny shoes, covered in blood.

Three more seconds.
Jack heard Popous explaining the situation to Coby. He heard his name mentioned. Jack was feeling very light headed.

Two more seconds.
Coby picked at the wound, blocking all the light from entering the hole. Jack’s life flashed before his eyes. He saw his mother, tending for him as a child, his father, pushing him along on his bike. Everything for this moment, for the ‘Love of Human Science’.

One more second.
Jack leapt onto Coby’s finger, which quickly retracted once it felt the body, as tiny as it was, grab onto it.

Jack took a deep breath, examining the condition of himself. He had lost his shoes, and his shirt was torn, but he was in surprisingly good condition. As he was placed down on the pavement by Coby, he began to feel human again, and started growing. His shirt’s buttons popped, and fell to the ground. His socks stretched until they too fell limply to the ground, but Jack had his life, and Coby, his.


Stirling was escorted to Hammersmith local court via a police patrol car. The car had bulletproof windows, and many radio handpieces, too many to count. Stirling knew his time had come. He really believed that his plan would work. If it wasn’t for that nasty Coby, that piece of work. Everything would have worked fine. What was one life, if it meant that Stirling would be the most dangerous person in London? No one would come to him as his boss. Everyone would have been his servant, scared out of their minds that they would be the next test subjects. Popous himself would have been reduced to a crumpled mass, after Stirling had finished with him, but now it would never happen. All those dreams, wasted, but Stirling would find a way out, and take his revenge some day, even if it killed him…


Richard Mills