Saturday, 20 February 2016

For the Love of Human science, Part IV

Hi everyone,
This science story is due in a few days, so by thursday, you should be able to see it all completed. Fingers crossed!!!


However, Stirling had seen his chance when Pupper had got transported to a worker. What ever was coming was not good…

Jack evaluated his choices as he looked at one of the many screens in his miniature spacecraft. It seemed that the London branch was right. He was located in the lymph tube, a system that drains liquid from the tissue beside the capillaries. Somehow, he had to find a way back to the blood system, and go from there.

The tube was like a river, a never-ending journey. The pitch dark did not help, but the space-craft had battery power for three days, a time he hoped he would be out by, meaning that he could light up his cabin whenever he needed it.
“Right, you there” Pupper asked, holding onto the handset.
It was three in the morning but the London branch had men on at all times.
“Yes? What is it?” a rather eager Stirling asked.
“I’ve reached an area around the heart. I need instructions,” Jack requested.
“Well, you’ve got to go back into the blood stream and try to get into the throat. We’ll try to get the subject lying down to make it easier,” Stirling explained, hoping his plan would work.
“Right, will do,” Pupper answered, shutting off the radio for the night and putting the space-ship into auto pilot.


While Jack slept, Coby faced impending danger. This Stirling’s ideas had been told to him by President Popous, and Coby didn’t fancy the impending fate for him if Stirling completed his plans, but Popous resisted the idea of sacking him. For some reason, Stirling was an asset to the company, and had fought for the London branch. Although Stirling was a worry, he could be handled, Popous assured him.

During the night, Coby had woken several times, including the three o’clock conversation that had conversed between Stirling and Puppr. Coby had listened most closely, although some parts were muffled. He made out the instructions that Stirling had given Coby’s inside traveller, and Coby vowed that he would find out whether those instructions were part if Stirling’s plans, or the side of Stirling that Coby hoped it was, the truthful one that had not emerged since Coby had met him that day. It seemed that Coby would have to watch Stirling very closely, and more importantly, the location of Pupper and the space-craft.


Richard Mills