Tuesday, 16 February 2016

For the Love of Human Science Part III

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Hope you enjoyed my other posts in this 'For the Love of Human Science' series.
I am not deliberately posting slowly. If I could, I would post it all in one go, but I think it would be a bit boring, reading it all at once. Anyway, I'm posting it as I go, this is how far I've written so far.


Suddenly, a man clad in dark robes entered the shop, not an unusual sight in the modern streets of London, some secret organisation of some sort was the rumour going around, but this man had a purpose. Not like those others that walked around sheepishly, avoiding the authorities, although they knew nothing about them.
Suddenly mayhem was in the room, as a needle was drawn out. The customers, suspecting the worst, like a poison, ran from the shop, abandoning their shopping bags. The man leaped over the counter like an aerobatic dancer, and placed the needle neatly in the leg of Coby, who was in too much shock to react, but that was not the case with Belinda. Belinda launched herself at the man, grabbing the man’s mask by the nose. Coby, now unsupported by anyone fell to the floor, jolting everything inside, including the traveller inside.
“No, he must not remain on the floor!” the man yelled, surprising Belinda with his sudden surge of strength that brought Belinda to the ground beside Coby.
“Who are you?” Belinda asked, grabbing the man and bringing him to the ground.
“If you must know, I am President Popous, president of NASA’s London branch, and head of our recent mission, involving a rather unsuspecting Coby Spetz here,” Popous explained, grabbing Coby by the arm and pulling him up, once again jerking his insides.
“What’s happened? And did it involve a voice inside my head?” Coby asked, looking at Belinda sheepishly.
“Yes, that would be right. A member of our team was due to be injected into a rabbit, but is now inhabiting your insides, and you would have heard him, that is right,” Popous explained, taking the needle out of Coby, and pocketing it in his robes.
“Well, what was that needle for?” Coby asked, rubbing the area where the needle was only seconds before.
“To prepare you for the next few days. If our missionary does not get out of your system in a few days, then the shrinking fluid will wear off, and he will grow back to normal size, killing you,” Popous elucidated, jumping back over the counter and walking towards the exit.
“But what will happen if that happens?” Coby asked, desperate for the answer not to be fatal.
“You will die,” Popous replied solemnly, bowing his head, “Good day.”
“If anything happens to my Coby, you’ll hear about it!” Belinda shouted, and Coby went darked than a beetroot.


Chapter 2- Extremities

As Jack Pupper made his way around the body he was now inhabiting, the team at the London branch were desperately trying to get Jack out. The had located him, their first suspicions about the lymph tube correct, but now they had to get Jack out.
“Jack, do you hear me?” Stirling Bennett asked, sipping a hot cup of coffee.
“Yes, loud and clear,” Jack replied, sitting up straighter and looking at the screen on his dashboard that showed him the London branch.
“Right, we’ve injected the fluid into the patient, and you have a few more days to last in there, but we want you out by tonight, okay?” Stirling asked, not expecting or wanting an answer.
Things had started getting hectic around the London branch. President Popous had started making common visits to the branch, and that meant formality. The man that walked around in deep flowing robes had expected silver service when he visited the branch for lunch yesterday, but all he got was a pair of plastic cutlery and a foam carton of rice. He was not impressed, so today when he visited, he said that he was too busy for lunch, and would have it later in the board room. That’s what all the directors had said. No matter how important President Popous was, Stirling had a feeling that the president did not agree with his views. Stirling believed that the London branch should kill all the people that had ever fought against the creation of the London branch. The President of America had even got mixed up in NASA’s affairs, but Popous strongly disagreed. He said it would be bad for business, and put the London branch into even bigger disrepute, something the American branch would not take. 

Richard Mills