Monday, 15 February 2016

'For the Love of Human Science' by Richard Mills Part II

Hello readers,

Here is the second part in my science story.
More to come!!!


After a few hours in the lavish apartment, donated to him for his part in a previous expedition by the President, he was starting to feel the effect of shrinking. He was too weak to hold a glass, and too small to get onto his chair. He was well and truly on his way to Brian.
“I can’t see him,” Brady yelled, happy with the success of his idea.
“I’m down hear!” Jack screamed in a high-pitch voice that came with shrinkage.
“Well, at least it worked,” Brady sighed, picking up Jack and calling his boss, indicating for him to get ready for action.
“Now, this is going to hurt a little bit,” Brady explained, and was the last thing Jack heard before he was inside the capsule, which was currently vibrating.
“Jack, can you hear us?” asked a radio somewhere in the control box.
“Yes, loud and clear,” Jack replied, looking for the source of the noise.
“Good, now, we have a big problem. You were meant to go into a rabbit, you have actually been transported into a human. Can you tell us where you are in the body?” The radio asked more urgently. Whoever was on the other side of the radio was obviously very frantic.
“Yes, yes, what’s the problem?” Jack asked, relaxing after seeing a soft drink in the food hatch of the capsule.
“Well, the problem is that you have two days to get out of the body before you grow back to your normal size, meaning you have to be out of that body before that happens,” the radio explained, getting more and more frantic as they realised that themselves.
“Okey-dokey, well, I can see that there is a lot of fluid in this area,” explaining an area he had no idea about.
“Alright, that’s a start, well, I think our tracking device will show us where you are, but you need to get out, do you know the name of your area?” The radio explained, confusing Jack, who was forgetting about his relaxation, and getting quite worked up about his situation.
“I have no idea,” Jack whispered.
“Right, well I think we can help you about that from the information you’ve given us, but you’ll have to improve on your knowledge. Right, so, you are in the lynph tube, and that means you’re near the mouth. It won’t be to hard to get up there, because of the water going up there, but you can’t go out the mouth, it’s too dangerous, and the drop will be too high. You’ll have to try and get out through the blood system,” The radio spoke quickly and quietly, hardly taking a breath.
“Alright,” said Jack, getting very confused,  “how do I get out of this Lynph tube?” Jack asked, getting his act together.
“Hold on, got to go, we have a situation back at base!” the radio yelled with a sympathetic tone.

“And you don’t think this is a situation?” Jack screamed back to no answer.

Richard  Mills