Saturday, 30 January 2016

Writing a Good Story Part VIII- Conclusion

Now, we’re coming to an end of this ‘How to write a good story series’, so to finish off, I am writing about a conclusion that will make your readers begging for more. I will be posting more on my blog, but not in this series, unless something else comes up. Due to me starting Year 8 (in Australia) I will be very busy, and so, not able to post very often, and will often be restrained to posting once a week. Sorry for this. In the meantime, read the below!

Death is the number one thing to include somewhere along the way in your story, but leaving it to the last minute means that your readers have no time to get over their favourite person’s death. Having the death in the middle of the book means that your readers can find out what happens to those closely related to the late character. This means that at the end of the book, they are done with your story, and are prepared to read another book. HOWEVER, if you leave the death until the end of the book, then you will find that your readers have no time to find out these facts. What happens to the late characters family? What will happen to the characters boyfriend/girlfriend if they had one? This is what your readers want to know. They want to make sure everything is okay because they loved your character.
This means, that if you write a sequel, readers will be queuing up to get it, or if you choose to leave the story there, you will have a lot of emails to read!

·      Leave your death until the end of the book
·      Write a sequel!
·      Kill off your main character- it will touch the hearts of your readers, and make them mourn for your characters death.


Richard Mills