Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Writing a good story Part VI- Dialogue

Readers, sorry for not posting lately, but I have been very busy- getting ready for school in a few days time.

Lets get straight to it. An important aspect of your story is your dialogue. Your speech can make up a whole character.
Think about how you judge people in real life by what they say. Why should it not be portrayed that way by us writers?

The important thing, however, is to make sure we don’t over-do it. Readers can easily tell when you have over-done something. Also, keeping your readers interested while a scene with dialogue in it can be challenging, but all you have to remember is your real life conversation. Picture the conversation happening in real life, and take it from there.

Over this series, you have heard a lot about one of my favourite writers, Rainbow Rowell. Well, on writing Eleanor and Park, she says that she believes writers do not create the story of their characters, they just find them and pick up their character story. They find the story, and narrate that. Try thinking about that, and you will have your dialogue mastered in no time!

·      Keep it interesting
·      You have just picked up your characters story, not necessarily created it
·      Picture your dialogue happening in real life, and narrate that.

Richard Mills