Saturday, 16 January 2016

Writing a good story part I- Planning

When writing a good story, it is important to remember many things, one of which, I write about here. I, being an avid writer though only young (13) have started my first novel, and found out a few things on my journey so far. Today, I write about how important it is to make sure your writing flows. I used to write off instinct, and that was fine for writing small- 3 page pieces, but when you try to write longer articles, like a novel, it is important to plan, or keep notes. If you are a planner, keep it up.

Make sure you have extensive notes about how something at the start of the book, even a minor detail, matches with the rest of the storyline, and things at the end of the book. Readers can be quite impressed when they see something; a small detail mentioned at the start of the book, is recalled and incorporated into the story later on. Even making it a big deal later on can be a good idea to impress and engage readers. Writers such as Rainbow Rowell are good ones to reference to. Have a look at some of her works.

Anyway, if you are not a planner, then things become tougher. I learnt this the hard way. This means that you have to keep notes on the progress of your story, and what your have recorded- even minor details as mentioned previously. Every word in the book counts. Keep stick notes about things. Stick them on your wardrobe or another convenient spot where everything can be spread out in order. This means that you can closely examine these notes later on when incorporating these minor details into the story however, I highly recommend the first option, as it is a good way to have a storyline spread out at the start of the story, even if you create a new one a couple of times.

Overall, planning is the most important part of your story. Smoothness and flow as well as rhythm all are necessary parts of a story.

Good day!