Monday, 1 February 2016

The Italian Renassiance

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Today in History we had to read out of our textbook, and write a summary of what we read. I hope you find this informative and interesting

Thinking changed during the Renaissance period. The churches control over people weakened, what, with the invention of the printing press to process texts that were not exactly aligned with the churches view, people could now access books easier, which encouraged people to learn to read and write, something only monks had known.

The Renaissance was the period after the Middle Ages, the period where the Germans invaded Europe. The Black Death came and took around a third of the population, and so people came into the big cities to get a better trade. Also, the Black Death lead people to question the teachings that the Church gave. Why should they believe in what the Church had told them when a third of their population had just been lost?

The period was a time to look back on the classical period. This is what inspired the Renaissance period. Classical Greek and Latin Texts were printed faster using the printing press, where thousands could be copied in the time that a monk would copy one. Feudal Systems were also in decline during the Renaissance period. The Feudal Period is a period where peasants lived on a nobles land, and farmed it for the noble, and in return, the noble promised safety and justice in the noble’s court. As less barbarian attacks occurred, the peasants needed protection less, so they went to the city to look for work and independence, this meant that towns and cities were flourishing across all of Europe.

Why in Italy?

The Renaissance began in Italy due to the fact that urban life had not been forgotten in Italy, where it had in other European countries. Feudal systems were not so important in Italy, meaning that Italy could break free from the ideals of the Middle Ages, and become independent. Also, the ruins of Rome were very evident in Italy, so they could easily pick up their classical ‘era’ of such, and leave the Middle Ages behind.

Where in Italy?

In Italy during the Renaissance period there were five states or cities
·      Duchy of Milan
·      Republic of Florence
·      Republic of Venice
·      The Papal States
·      Kingdom of Naples

The main area that the Renaissance started was the Republic of Florence, where greats like Michelangelo flourished.

Richard Mills