Friday, 13 November 2015

Exams and the secret to success

Many students do what I did in year 7 (this year). They start studying the week before the exams. I am talking about the final exam weeks or finals week, when all your subjects are tested.

In year 7, I kept on making excuses; 'Oh, I don't
need to study' or 'I'll do it later' or even 'I don't know how to study, so I won't'. This of course was false. I knew how to study, There wasn't a later, and I did need to study. Exams started the next Monday. I started studying Science on Tuesday. History was next, and I kept on studying these subjects and adding a new one to the mix every night. This meant that soon, I was studying for every subject one night. This was tough, so I started to stop studying Science, and just do the others, as that was the one I had most studied for. I also did not study for English until the weekend, as I thought I was most prepared for that subject. (that is the one I am best at)
This became a problem, because teachers started asking to see our study notes, and that is had to do when you only have one night's worth of study up your belt, So I started studying during lunch. You can see what is happening here. I was going from the mindset of 'I don't need to study' to 'I need to study every spare second'. This is why I am writing to you, dear readers. I want you to know the proper way to study. I learnt from my mistake. I write to you now a week out from exams. It is Friday here in Australia. Exams start on Monday- in four/three days.

To get the best time out of your class, you should write notes, even if they're short, on what you learnt during class that day. You should also get one of those study books that separate the subjects up, by using a coloured sleeve which you can put pieces of paper in. With this, you can have your study notes already written out by the time of the exam. No need to go and 'google' it as it were.

Another strategy is to start studying during the holidays before the term in which you have the finals/exam week. This way, you are well ahead, and can start your study notes earlier, and get to know what you have forgotten nearer to the exams.

Both these strategies have benefits and disadvantages. The first strategy means that there is no need to waster time 'googling' information. It also means that you wrote these study notes a long time away from the test, meaning that it may not still be fresh in your mind. If you can remember information for a long time, this strategy is for you!

The second strategy means that you do have to 'google' info, but you will still have it fresh in your mind when you go into the exam room. If you can't remember info for a long period of time, then this is for you!

I hope this helped!