Saturday, 24 October 2015

Bed Times, Instrumental lessons and staying on top of school

  • Staying on top of school

When in school, students can be faced with piles and piles of homework, study or exams. I remember once, that there were seven assignments due over a period of two days. Leaving things to the last minute is a major problem with students in high schools. Students need to learn that these important things can not be left for a extended period of time. Students need to stay on top of things!

  • Instrumental lessons

Instrumental lessons and other co-curricular activities can be a big problem with students in high schools. If they get a certain amount of homework, and have to catch a school bus home, and get home late, then they will have no time for practice. Usually teachers say that you have to practice your instrument for half an hour daily, but students just do not get the time, and so students are left in the dust of what the teachers expect. Teachers need to know what amounts of homework and just general work students get, and need to deal with each child daily.

  • Bed Times

Also, bed times can be a problem. As a student, I have to wake up at 6:30 every morning, and I get home at 6:30 at night. My parents also make me go to bed at around eight, leaving me with around half to a full hour of time to study, do homework and get my assignments done. How are students meant to practice instruments, especially if they learn more than one if they have no time? This is why I suggest students go to bed at around nine o'clock. This gives students a good two hours of time to get their work done. 1 hour and 20 minutes for 20 minutes work per period and forty minutes to practice instruments. This is a suitable time, and gives the student enough time to sleep and feel refreshed for another school day. To those claims that say that late bedtimes are linked to obesity, and I just speak from my own views, and do not claim to have any knowledge in the area, I believe that having a healthy diet is important, as well as doing excersise.