Saturday, 24 October 2015

All Rounded Education

For a student to have a well rounded education, they have to not only focus on their marks, but have to engage in sport, co-curricular activities and have themselves a handy set of life skills enabling them to embark on the journey of independence.
This comes from a high school student's perspective, mine.
It's True!
I believe, that in school, you need to have a projection for the future. Life is not just about marks. Up until year 12, your marks will not make a difference to the world, or your future life. People do not make friends because of marks, they make friends because of character and personality. That is what really matters. If a school does not teach character, and how to be polite and have manners. If you are not taught how to sustain a conversation between yourself and an adult, weather they be elderly or middle-aged, then you are at the wrong school. These things are what really matter. Not your Year 7 Geography mark or your failure at Mathematics. When you apply for a job, your Geography and Maths mark will not matter, but your person skills, and communication skills will.